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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scooting Escapade

My brother and I have been taking our kids to the skateboard park. Mainly, because Matt can skate and the girls can scoot, usually along the bike path so they don't get run over by skateboarders. Soph was super brave yesterday and went down on a ramp, riding with both feet on her scoot. It about gave me a heart attack because I envisioned her crashing and hitting her head, but I held my breath and let her go. Sometimes, those little things are the hardest things to make yourself do. I'm realizing this as time goes on.
Avalon asked me to help her down the ramp, so I did. Umm, the wheel hit my foot and knocked her off onto her knee, hence the examination of the knee scrape. Yeah, I'm a good aunt like that. :\ Soph loved scooting on the ramps at the skate park. She's a die hard.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kasey's Bridal Shower

I had a bridal shower for my best gal pal, Kasey. We played games, had drinks, opened gifts, ate cake, and socialized. Everything a shower is supposed to entail. I feel like the guests had a good time at the shower. Here's some photos from this historic event.
Kasey was having some great laughs thanks to Michael.

Awesome gifts.

Cake. I started cutting before it dawned on me to take a picture. Hence, the missing "S".

And family.

Friday, August 20, 2010


These are two of the five dogs that live with me. Yes. I said five. They are my mom's dogs, but I take care of them all the same, and they drive me insane. Sure, I love them, but their mouthy, loud, and terrible listeners. They do great things too, but mostly they drive me bonkers. The new edition to the pack is Ella, a Yellow Labrador. She's an amazing dog and super intelligent. It took me less than a half hour to train her to lay down. She also sits, shakes, and drops. Though, she will only perform these tricks for me when I have a cookie in tow. That's a sign she might be too smart.

Ella does very well with the kiddos. She adores them, probably because they are all roughly the same age. Ella also loves the Miniature Pinschers (which make up the other four dogs) as well. The Min Pins weigh around 6 pounds each. In the photo above is Zooey. Not only is she the eldest, but Zooey is also the mother of two of the others. She's the best!

I'm Hanging with the Cool Kids Now!

I'm going to try blogging. I've been sticking to Tumblr because it's super easy to figure out, but I have been asked to be in the most awesome artist group I know BABB Bunch. Hoorah! This is happy times for me and Soph. These are our happy faces.